Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Craft.

For Ruthann's birthday party we needed a craft idea. I found a cute idea on Family Fun (which I LOVE) and wanted so much for the girls to make these cute little compacts. It required little candy or mint tins though. I could not find a little tin anywhere. Well, except for big tins for chocolates and such for Christmas. While I was in Dilly Dally's, I was looking for little "things" to put into a compact, and hoped I would happen upon a little tin. Instead I found square soap boxes for vacation!! Your reaction might be "square is normal for soap boxes" Well, no, in fact you are wrong. Most soap boxes, now that I take many opportunities to study soap boxes, are rounded on top.

So. I bought 8 of them and all the cute "stuff" to go in them. Here is Ruthie's final result. We glued a square, okay, rectangle, of cute felt (I had many to choose from) onto the top of the lid.
Then we glued a small mirror into the inside of the lid. A girl must be able to see herself! We then added some essentials to our boxes.
Lotion, lip gloss, nail file, stickers-which the girls used to decorate the boxes inside and out. What is not in the picture is a small pack of gum and hair pins.
Last night Ruthie's mirror fell out. I hot glued it in. Then it fell out again and the felt on top fell off. So I hot glued the felt and used double sided tape on the mirror. Viola! Done. Ruthie brought hers to church yesterday in her bag. The lip gloss was needed, and so was the mirror. The nail file was used by a brother with a gnarly hang nail. Oh I am a genius!


Kristi said...

Tally love hers, fun, fun, fun!

Kim said...

That is darling!! Great idea!