Friday, November 18, 2011

Late Last Night.

This is the surprised look of a boy out of bed when everyone else is in bed, including mom and dad, because we are tired, who is making himself a scrambled egg and got caught by his dad. By the way, when Isaac got home from school yesterday he had two certificates from the science fair. One was for participating. The second, well now the second only had his name on it because they didn't have my name available to them. "Excellent Display Board" I curtsied and took the applause graciously. I thanked my adoring public and will be hanging it on my wall. I just need to figure out how to get Isaac's name off and mine on! Thanks for your support.
(P.S. Isaac really did do a lot of work on his project. And he did a great job. The board was mine because I cut the paper and glued everything together and made sure this young son of mine got the work done. So he does deserve much credit and praise. But so do I!)

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Kristi said...

love it! and might I said his board did look very nice.