Thursday, November 17, 2011

Science Fair Project...DONE!

Breathe a sigh of relief. But first...Just a look at what's living on our deck lately. We now have a "poop deck" again. Cass will be home next week!
Science fair was today. Here is Isaac after getting his poster put together. I told him I better get a good grade for all my work on the poster. This look is usually the one I get when I talk like that. But it's the truth. What can I say?
And just to prove that dad was there... We really enjoyed walking through all the projects and looking at all the really cool things these kids did. Lots of really great ideas proven and reported.

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Jen said...

"You" did an awesome job on your science fair project! Definitely "A" material!

Last year Cody's science fair project did well and made it into the state wide competition. When it placed well, locally, I began to stand up to receive "my" award and certificate, but Cody began to freak. I was mighty proud of me... I mean, Cody!