Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day In The Life-Special Ridonkulous Edition.

It's been a while. But I have really excellent excuses.  I've been super duper busy.  Like super busy.  And it's now the last week of school.  Busy.  And my computer has been on the fritz.  Daniel got my hard drive backed up just in case.  It's been fine since.  Then I broke my toe.  Not really. So what I thought I'd do is go through pics I've got in my camera and do A Day In The Life.  But not in any specific order.
Ruthie wanted make up on.  So I obliged.  We even did eye liner and mascara.  I don't think she ever wants to wear mascara again.  Plus dad needs to invest in a shot gun.  Isn't she beautiful?  She participated in her 2nd grade talent show and played the piano.  She was awesome.  When dad and the boys went on a father/son overnighter, Ruthie and I went to dinner and then to a movie.  We saw Mirror Mirror.  Will someone please explain the Indian stuff at the end???
Sam.  Oh Sam.  Sam went to This Is The Place monument on a field trip last week.  I got to go with him and we had lots of fun.  We got to square dance together.  Sam's teacher had called me earlier in the week and said that Sam was coming out of his shell.  He was really showing his colors.  So I waited for the snapper that would have me talking to the principal about letting Sam finish his elementary school career there despite his actions.  But all she said was that is was fun to see who Sam is.  He's been quiet all year.  Better late than never.
Isaac finished 6th grade and elementary school.  I can't believe he'll be in junior high next year.  Sometimes my skin crawls when I think of it.  Other times I just wonder what happened to my baby.  The 6th graders had a big BBQ and I went to help.  So fun.  They all went to a Bee's game for a field trip.  Isaac bought himself lunch, a snack and a bat.  A wise use of his mother's money.  I am going to try to set Isaac's teacher up with a nephew of ours.  At first Isaac was a little weirded out.  But now he thinks it would be cool.  Isaac gets his braces off next month!!
The week before Mother's Day I saw the commercial for this book on TV.  I immediately thought, Oh I would love to get that book for Mother's Day.  You see, I loved the talk.  Loved. The. Talk. And what do ya know? on Mother's Day Daniel gave me the book.  I told him he must be in tune with the Spirit of what Jennie wants for Mom's day.  He loves me.  He really loves me!  I had a terrific Mom's Day.  My kids are awesome and I love them so much.  And, of course, Daniel is my main squeeze.
Speaking of my main squeeze.  Daniel made a fire pit outside.  He also mowed much of the pasture so we can see the goats better.  We cooked dogs out over the fire and I sweated.  But that's not unusual.  Love ya babe!
What'd'ya know?  It's me.  I don't usually put me on here.  But Ruthie took a picture.  So lucky you.  We went to the demolition derby last Saturday.  Fun.  I am at the school almost every day these last 2 weeks for volunteer stuff, classroom stuff and PTA stuff.  I am going to be the PTA secretary next school year.  At least I don't have to head the Popcorn committee.  I'm so glad school ends tomorrow.  I'm tired.  Still have field day today.  I get to do popcorn one more time.
A demolition car. I just don't know what else to tell you.  Loud.  Crashes.  Exhaust.  Beer.  Bum cracks.  Tattoos.  Burgers and Dogs.  Lost my hearing....
We always
enjoy a great
demolition derby.
Tuesday Isaac graduated from the NOVA program that the 6th graders do.  Every 6th grader graduated.  I guess that doesn't always happen.  Isaac had won first place in the NOVA rocket building thing.  So he was recognized for that.  This is commencing from 6th grade.
He also commenced from elementary school to move on to junior high.  In 6 years it will be high school graduation!  Yikes!  This is receiving his NOVA rocket deal.
And then there's my toe.  Last Saturday I slammed my left baby and next to it toes into my dresser.  My dresser is hard.  HARD I TELL YA!  Right after I slammed it I thought, Oh.  I bet I broke it.  Sunday I wore heels to church.  By the time I got home I couldn't walk on it.  I've been taking high potency Ibuprofen ever since.  Daniel kept telling me to go get it checked.  No.  By Wednesday I was in so much pain that I canceled piano lessons, praised the calendar gods that I didn't have Cub Scouts and went to the Instacare.  They x-rayed.  It's not broken but sprained quite well.  So they put the ridonkulous boot on me.  She told me to wear it for at least a week.  Longer if needed.  So now my hips hurt because I'm off balance.  And yes, my foot is in there.  It's the smallest boot that had.  And when I put my foot on the thing for the x-ray, the tech said You have such small cute feet! I mentioned the sausage-like appendages thereon.  She said they were cute.  Whatever.  So my pained foot is ensconced in the boot.  I will probably tell you I broke my toe if you ask.  It just makes the ridonkulous boot seem more relevant.
So there we have it.  We leave tomorrow for a family reunion weekend of camping.  See ya next week.

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Laurie said...

Oh no! That's exactly what Jared did to his foot a couple months ago. Feel better!

Congrats on another school year down!