Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Time Fun.

So summer vacay began on Tuesday of this week. Yesterday marked 12 weeks till we go back to school.  And homework.  Yuck.  So we had to add some order and plans to our 12 week vacay.  So the calendars went up.
We have June booked.  July holds lots of Scout camp and family trips and renuions.  August is our last chance for super duper fun.  The empty blocks will fill in quickly.  Just like June did.
And of course the order.  So we put these babies back up.  With new updated backgrounds even!
The everyday stuff like eating breakfast and getting dressed by a certain time.  And then the limitations to stuff.  There is also a log in/log out sheet with a timer by the computer.
Lunch and breakfast ideas and the fun that will come.  Oh it may seem like we're organized.  But each day will be a treat and a challenge.  We do have Lagoon passes again, but so far we have only gone once.  We also need to get our basement finished.  We'll see how much of a summer project that will be.  It may just be a super duper quickity quick autumn project.
Do you have fun Summer Time plans?

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