Friday, May 4, 2012

Trigger Fix.

Do they make cameras for left handed people?  I had my "surgery" this morning.  It is 9:15 and it's done.  He super numbed my thumb and hand.  That hurt like heck.  If heck hurts, that is.  Then he put some cortisone in to help with the pain.  Then I had to lie down while he dug into my thumb.  He used a needle to scrape the casing (like a sausage) around the tendon.  As he did it he had me "click" my joint so he'd know when he got it all.  Then the nurse cleaned up all the blood and wrapped it up.  As she finished putting the bright pink wrapping on, I finally looked over.  Bright pink.  Oh yay.  So I'm on some heavy duty ibuprofen so I can get through the day better as the numb wears off.  I need to keep it wrapped for 24 hours.
Daniel and I are going out to dinner tonight for our anniversary.  I'll be stylin' the bright pink wrapping.  I will have to pick a dish that I can eat left handed and not cut. At least it's done and hopefully I won't suffer the trigger anymore. 

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Laurie said...

ouch! Feel better!