Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Literary Prowess.

Today there are so many things I could blog about.  But I won't.  Last night I brought up a huge box filled with stuff from the basement. It is filled with pictures and papers and letters and stuff that needed to be thrown away.  So I went through it.  I found this paper I'd written while in elementary school.  Possibly 3rd grade.  I am assuming that because of the great use of cursive, yet sentence structure is greatly lacking.  So this is what I'm blogging about today.  My paper.
In case you can't read it, this is what it says.  I will write it as I wrote it.

"I think we have too many recesses.  The reason I think this because we need to get everything done.  And people always come in hot and breathing hard.  Another reason is because people never hardly finish their work in just an hour.  That is why I think we have to many recesses at school."
My teacher wrote "Good." underneath my great literary prowess.

It's the hot and breathing hard that gets me.  As an adult, I sure wouldn't want to have recess if they all came in hot and breathing hard.  Especially if we could hardly finish our work in just an hour.

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