Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dreams And Triggers.

I've had this recurring dream for years.  I am going about my business as usual when, out of no where, my back left side bottom molar crumbles.  I spit out the pieces and hold them in my hand as I try to figure out how to get to the dentist to get it fixed.  Meanwhile, the tooth continues to crumble in my mouth.  I keep spitting pieces out and run my tongue over it, ever so gently so as to not crumble it more than it is.  It's disastrous.  It just keeps crumbling.  Now, it doesn't hurt, mind you.  It just falls apart.  And I never make it to the dentist. 

On another note, my opposable right thumb is in shambles.  Remember my trigger finger?  It's back.  I got that cortisone shot back in October and within a week it was gliding along like a normal opposable thumb should.  But then a couple of months ago I painted Ruthie's room.  That's what triggered it.  Get it?  Ha ha.  I triggered the trigger finger.  I just crack myself up.  But it was just a little sore.  So I thought I'd wait it out and hope it went back to a normal opposable thumb.  It didn't.  It just got worse. 

So I called my hand surgeon, who is my close and personal friend he's done so much on my poor little hands, and made the appointment to just do the surgery.  He suggested that if it came back I just do the surgery.  Another cortisone shot would just be another band aid.  So I made it.  Then they called me back and said that the surgeon isn't working that day.  So I had to change to another day.  He only does surgery on Friday, every other Friday, and only in the morning on every other Friday.  So my options were limited. 

The appointment is set for this Friday.  I am so glad.  My whole hand hurts because of the uselessness of my opposable thumb that doesn't work right.  I haven't dropped anything yet, but I did have a box drop on it just where the ligament is tight.  Triggered.  I cried when that happened.
My appointment is early in the morning.  They said it will be really fast and I don't need anyone with me to get me home after.  I have all of Daniel's family coming over on Sunday night for our monthly get together.  Because of my triggered thumb, my house has been horribly messy for about a month now.  I can't grasp a mop.  I can't effectively clean the toilet.  It's really sad.  Doing dishes isn't bad.  The hot soapy water actually makes it feel better.  So I'm saving cleaning for Thursday so I will just suffer worse for one night. 

Wish me luck.  And a clean house.  And a non broken back left molar.

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