Monday, January 7, 2013


Are you freezing???  We've been seeing single digits for so dang long.  My bones are cold and there is not enough heat anywhere to get me warm again.  Maybe Hawaii.  But I'm in Utah.  You've probably heard the news stories about pipes freezing and then homeowners using propane heaters to unfreeze them and then their house burns down.  Yikes!  Don't do that.  We have succumbed to just letting the faucet drip all night.  It keeps the pipes from freezing.  And better than exploding pipes!
Despite the freezing temps, my heart has been kept warm by my sweet kids.  Here are a few things that heat my heart.
Last week Isaac had to go to a different bus stop and at an earlier time.  I dropped him off because it was like 2 degrees outside.  After I got home I got this text from him...  It meant he was on the bus and all was well.  And seeing that one misspelled word made my day.  Success!  Isn't it what we want for our kiddos?  Even if it's just getting on the bus?
Ruthie keeps people out of her room.  I figure it's because no one can walk into her room because of all her stuff on the floor.  But she just wants her room to be hers.  So last week she put this note and picture on her door.  It says "You must be pure to enter" with an arrow pointing up to Jesus.  Being pure to her is more than inner cleanliness. You must also be shower fresh!  But the point is this... We all need to be pure to enter.  Why not be pure?
And then there's my Sam.  This one almost 11 year old young man still calls me mommy.  But more often he calls me Momma.  And when he does my heart swoons.  I don't have babies anymore but my babies they will all remain.  And to be called Momma, well, what a wonderful thing.  I love being his Momma!
And so even though my bones are cold, my heart is warm and my Joy is full.

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