Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just A Tad Creepy.

I've talked about the things that creep me out before... John Malkovich.  eeeeeeeekkkkk.

In October I went to Time Out For Women with some amazing gals in my ward.  On Saturday the LDS boy group Jericho Road performed.  So they can sing.  But the women in the audience were standing and screaming and crying and yelling things out to them.  Personal things like "I love you whoever!"  I don't know their names.  And I was just grossed out by the sight and sound.  And then while singing they would dance.  And then some of them shared personal things like "My wife of 15 years and I have 6 children and we just adopted a new baby" and then the cheers and screaming would ensue.  Weird!  Creepy.  Almost on the verge of bumping old John Malkovich down a notch.

So this morning I have the TV on in the background and on a show they are saying they have New Kids On The Block coming up.  Um. Aren't they old?  Yep.  They are old and wrinkled and singing together?  It's just creepy.  Old women in the audience and screaming and fainting and crying.  It's not even old Beatles, people!  New Kids On The Block.  From the 1980's.  And they are touring.  And they are like in their 50's.  Okay just kidding.  I gues they are more my age.  Which isn't OLD AT ALL.  But really, you have a wife and kids.  And screaming 40 and 50 year old menopausal ladies in the audience who want to see you with your shirt off. Creepy.  I think that trumps old John Malkovich.  Most definitely.

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Colby and Jessica said...

Bahahaha oh my gosh this is hilarious! You are so funny! And definitely right, super creepy!