Thursday, January 31, 2013

The More You Know..

So I was at the elementary school yesterday and was speaking with another mom who was complaining without hesitation about the snow.  And then there's all the snow.  It's ruining her life.  After going on for a unseemly amount of time on the snow, she finally resorted to the answer.  Of why we have so much snow.  Are you ready for this??  Because I sure wasn't.  We're stupid.  We have the lowest test scores in the world and our kids are stupid so we have all this snow.  Are you following this?  So I said, "I don't think test scores determine how much snow we get", very kindly, yet rationally.  And I am so totally serious.  This was the conversation.  So she paused and relented.  But still we have stupid kids.  Umm.  I beg to differ.  My kiddos are pretty sharp.  Cute too.  They're even cute AND smart when covered with snow.  But I just happen to know it's NOT the test scores that make so much snow.  So in case you were wondering why we have been getting so much snow here in the lovely state of Utah, it's cause your kids are stupid.  Wait!! Just kidding.  Whether your kids are stupid, ugly, sharp as a tack, or the next Einstein, we still get lots of snow.  We live in Utah.  We get snow.  Can you here the jingle from those commercials?  The More You Know....

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