Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Sayin'.

So did ya watch the last episode of Downton Abbey???  Because I did.  I did.  I watched.  I cried.  I kept thinking Sybil will surely just "wake up" and be all Just kidding guys,  Ha ha,  Where's my baby?  And so now here I am.  Wondering if I need to watch it again.  Just to make sure.  Really?  Sybil?  And what's up with Mary?  She can't just be more than I doubt it with Edith??  C'mon.  Grow up Mary! And Lord Grantham.  Dude.  Should'a listened to your wife.  And Cora.  I would have taken her an hour ago! and then at Sybil's bedside. You are still my baby. Oh my heart. And O'Brien.  The bangs are wilting. Whatever you're planning..... can't wait.  And Bates. And Anna.  Please get that lady to give her statement officially so he can leave prison and come home and, you know, get on with it. I just don't understand the story line anymore.  Move on!  And Granny.  Dear Granny.  Your grief is palpable in just that small moment.  As you walk toward the room, we who have lost know the depth of your grief.  And Mrs Crawley..  You hired a what?  A who?  I love it.  Poor Mrs. Bird.  Ha! And Sir Philip.  Eclampsia.  Had it.  Almost died.  In modern times and with modern medicine.   Should'a been more cautious.  Now you must pay.  Just sayin'.

So glad to get that out.  Now I can move on.  I may still need to watch it one more time.  I still can't decide if Lord Grantham is so much to blame as the arrogant Sir Phillip.  Until next week...

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