Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playdough Bread?

What does it mean if, when you are baking bread, it does not rise? And then when you bake it, it looks like this?....
At first I thought it was our oven. That it was time to get a new one!!
No such luck.
As I made a new batch of bread dough I realized what my mistake was.
I doubled the salt.
Have you ever had Playdough Bread?


Kristi said...

You know I think I have, or at least I've made bread that looked like that . . . maybe it was the salt. Did you just eat the edges? I probably would have:)

Kim said...

Haha - I was looking at that bread, trying to figure out what happened. I think I might have eaten it anyway. Maybe. I do like salt! It had a really pretty color though!