Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Along Swimmingly.

Lots of water fun this week. And it's only Tuesday!
Monday we went to a local park with a splash pad. Free water fun!
And playgrounds. Heaven.
They played for as long as they could until they were starving and we needed to come home to eat some lunch.
We will definitely go back
But today we spent 3 hours swimming.
We are exhausted!
Well, I'm exhausted. My kids didn't want to leave.
But now they are in jammies and laying on the couch.
I think they're exhausted, too.
I am showered and dry.
My ears are still a little wet.
Tomorrow is movie day and piano lessons.
Wednesday will be a dry day.


Single Women Adopting Children said...

Don't you love those? We go to Liberty and Mila likes watching....not so much getting involved. Free entertainment when it's hot out. Got to love that. Kids are so big and cute!

Crissy said...

I seriously need to take my kids over there some morning before they go back to school! It looks like fun :)

Kim said...

Our city should totally put one of those in! We have been to that one and Jake loved it. Looks like your kids are having a lot of fun! I know there's still a month left before school starts but it seems like time is running out fast!!

Brent and Debbie said...

Hey what fun. Where is the water park? And hang in there. We love you.