Friday, July 30, 2010

Where The N*ked L*dies D*nce.

My kids take piano lessons.
They have a great teacher.
She teaches them from the John W Schaum piano course books.
It's awesome.
My kids get the songs quickly.
A couple of weeks ago Isaac was practicing The Snake Song.
It's the tune you might remember from elementary school.
There's a place in France where the ....
You know the rest.
I sang it out loud while Isaac was playing.
I couldn't stop myself.
I've had to repent and explain to my dear children that we really don't sing songs like that.
Daniel was shocked.
But I knew the song at their age.
Isn't it a right of passage to sing about n*ked ladies in France?
Maybe not.
Maybe not in Utah.
But I hear about n*ked ladies every once in a while.
For the most part, they've forgotten the words.
I have to stop myself from making the snake dance move I remember doing while singing the song as a kid.
Oh. And slightly embarrassing.


Kristi said...

thannnnnkkkks, guess what is running through my head now?

Kim said...

Hahhaaaa!! I totally would have sung that song too! AND - I didn't even know there was a song that went to that tune that isn't the naked ladies song! AND - I think it's hilarious that Daniel didn't think it was appropriate!

Crissy said...

HAHAHA!!! Yeah...I remember that song. I guess there are some people who have never heard though. The first time I sang it to Shane, he looked at me very strange.