Monday, October 4, 2010

Did You Feel It?

The Spirit.
How I love General Conference.
And because I have children I got most of it.
But what I felt.
What I understood.
Was ...
Did I mention Wonderful?
And now cookies are baking and rain is falling...
Rain is one of my most favorite things in the world.
And the cookies are pretty good, too.
What a wonderful start to my week!


Anonymous said...

Hey awesome neighbor,

Thanks for the cookies!!!


Crissy said...

I did feel it! It was great! I love watching Conference :)

Christine Dallimore said...

Here, Here!!! I loved listening to conference...most of it! Thankfully I have it recorded so I can go back and listen to everything again and again!! I also loved reading your tribute to your children. It is such a sweet picture and I can see why it is one of your favorites! Sorry I haven't written you an email back...I am very BAD with replying to emails! I would of course LOVE to make your little girl a custom doll for her birthday. Hopefully I'm not to late! Email me...and we'll chat if you are still interested...I promise I will be better! :0) So thrilled to see that things are still good in your neck of the woods!!!

Kim said...

It was a great conference...I can't wait to get the Ensign so I can read what I didn't hear (which was a lot). My sister and I call rain "liquid sunshine" makes me happy too!!