Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Quick Look At Our Week...

What a week. But it's not done. Actually it just moves into another busy week. We got together with Daniel's family on Sunday night. Fun stuff. As I sat looking at all the men in the family I couldn't help but think of many of their callings and what powerhouses they are. My Daniel is a Cubmaster. And he loves it. And now that I'm in Cub Scouts, I get to work with him. Some of the women at Relief Society Tuesday night where I made this soup commented on how great he is as Cubmaster. That just meant something was meant to change.
Yummy White Chili. I'll share the recipe later.
After RS, we got a call from the Stake to meet with one of the counselors on Wednesday night. Change. No doubt about it. I was hoping for Stake Cubmaster! I opened the freezer and then remembered the Diet Pepper I'd put in earlier in the day for a quick cold. Ha! Here's the busted can.
And that's what my freezer looks like. I still don't know who will clean it up. I'm too short to reach up there! We went to visit my sister Katie on Friday. We had fun playing with cousins and solving the world's problems. I also came home with a serger. If you know how to work one, please let me know. I need to get some quilt squares serged together so Daniel's dad can put the quilts together. Why do I volunteer for these things??
On Saturday we began early at Laps For Lyndsay. It was a huge success. 6 kids with Epilepsy will get to go to camp because of Lyndsay's mom and dad's efforts. At the raffle we quickly realized we couldn't keep up with the family that literally bought hundreds of tickets. They won a ton of stuff. Including 2 of my movie night baskets! Sam put 3 tickets in with one other ticket so he could win the Monopoly key chain and money clip. It worked. That began our winning streak.
We also won 2 large Ligori's pizzas and a basket of LDS books and a wall hanging. Love it!
I would say we walked at least 2 1/2 miles each. Some more than others. My boys ran around the track several times. We celebrated our family after by going to see a movie. Nanny McPhee Returns. I cried. Twice. Pizza for dinner. Early bedtime!
Today we attended our Stake Conference. Our stake was split and Daniel was sustained as a High Priest and then High Councilman We are waiting now to find out when they will ordain and set apart. Next week we will find out our new ward boundaries and who our new Bishop will be. At least I know it won't be Daniel! And as for Cubmaster, Daniel gets to lead our Pack Meeting this week for the last time. Too bad there isn't a Stake Cubmaster! But he'll be great in his new calling and Priesthood office!
It's been a great week and we're having what I call Fiesta Chicken for dinner.
I love my family and everything we do! Can't get better than this.
Hope your week was awesome!


Kim said...

Wow!That was a busy week! Daniel you will be great at your new call! You are now a church widow like me!!! Call we can go to the movies with the kids!!! Ha! ha!

Jen said...

I know Daniel will do a wonderful job at his new calling! However...I'm totally bummed that he will no longer be the cubmaster!!! No one will compare to his awesomenous!

Laurie said...

Congrats to Daniel in the new calling! He will be a great high councilman! Bryan was made a high priest to go along with being the ward mission leader. I think it was also because he is getting too old to be in Elder's quorum :)

Have a great week!

Kim said...

Score - y'all won lots of good stuff. I'm glad there was such a good turnout for the event.

Daniel will be great in his calling. I can hardly wait to hear him speak in our Ward!

"PEANUT" said...

Jennie, You don't know me but suffice to say I am very much appreciative of your support for Charlie and Mandy. Although I live many miles from you I cannot tell you and other what your support for them means to me. I found your blog just by chance...or perhaps not...but something about it struck a nerve and I thought I should drop you a line and say thank you. Sincerely...Thank You! You I can tell are a special person. May your treasures in heaven be many for you and your family. May your home always be full of love and joy. May our Father in Heaven alway bless people like you. This is my prayer for you. Take care. Sincerely offered.