Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Reward.

So this morning I began by washing windows. Then I went to the school and worked in 2 kids' classes. Then I came home to a message from my friend that she couldn't make it to lunch. So I washed more windows. Who knew the sky was so blue!
So to reward myself I went to Target and bought myself a dress. A black dress. It was on clearance and it would need some help. So I bought it for under $7 and went to Seagull book and got one of those shirt thingys you wear under so I now have sleeves. Must have sleeves. That was $10.
So to make the plain black boring yet cheap dress with the shirt underneath for sleeves more appealing, I got some fabric out and made these:They're scarves. I can wrap them around my neck in many ways to add color. See the orange one up at the top right? I'm so not an orange girl. I'm more a purple and blue girl. But I'll wear that one on Halloween. And here I am wearing one of them.
It's a blue T-shirt, not the dress with the shirt for sleeves.
But I now have a total of 10, count 'em, 10 "outfits" for Sunday under $17.
Tonight Daniel will be ordained and set apart. I think I might wear one.
But then again this might be the only time you'll actually see me in one.
I'm fickle like that.


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Kim said...

So cute Jennie!! And what a great find - getting that dress for so cheap. I hope I get to see it with one (or more) of your darling scarves!

Kristi said...

cute, cute, isn't it fun to do something nice for yourself!