Monday, October 11, 2010

Is It Hot In Here?

So for several days this little thang, called Cassie, has been causing a raucous! I even asked my neighbor 2 doors down if she heard her. She said, "Oh! It's your goat!" They'd apparently been trying to figure out where the noise was coming from! I apologized profusely!!
She likes to be perched up on top of her house.
Which makes it easier for her to see Billy. The boy goat over the fence.
She must have been in heat!
She would stand on her house and Naaaaa Naaaaaa Naaaaaa Naaaaa
You would think she was dying.
But we think she just wanted Billy.
This, well, I share this just because.
My children have taken to spear throwing. Isaac created a schedule and taught his brother and sister the art of throwing a spear. We have many spears thanks to the giant sunflower plants.
Look at that form!
The stalks from the giant sunflowers are like tree trunks.
Perfect for spears.
Sam is really into spear throwing.
He may be listing it on his resume.
Ruthie is in the last weeks of 6.
Then she'll be 7.
In one year we'll be planning another baptism.
My babies are growing up.
But at least Daniel and I will have the protection of the spear throwers.
It will soon be dark early enough so they can do night maneuvers.
I love this time of year!

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Jen said...

Gotta love a goat in heat...good luck with that!

I'm lovin' the spears! Who knew a sunflower stem could provide such entertainment. :)