Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well Happy New Year!
Here's the deal. I don't have a camera yet. Don't worry. It's coming. But I can't seem to blog without it. Oh, that and everyone has been home. Kids went back to school yesterday and Daniel went back to work today. Silence. Now I get to go to the school and help in my kids' classes and then I take a quick trip to my mom's to give her the Christmas gift from my brother and me that didn't arrive until yesterday.
I need to get back on track.
So much to blog about. I just need a camera in my house so I can. I don't guarantee pictures, necessarily, but comfort in the fact that I have one will help me blog.
In the meantime we are all happy, healthy and Joy is in the air!
Hope your new year is going swell so far.

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Crissy said...

YAY! Happy you are getting a new camera! How do we live without those nifty things :) Happy New year to you and your family, Jennie! I hope it's a good one.