Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, What Do You Do In The Summer Time...

When all the world is green?

We like to go on vacation. With the exception of last year. You know, the cruise and then getting rear ended. We didn't go anywhere after that. But it's something we like to do. It's fun and exciting.

As we have thought about where we want to go this year, a few places have come up.
Yellowstone...Which would require camping. Which would require shower facilities. Or, my personal preference, rent a house or cabin. But that could get pricey.
Black Hills...Same thing as Yellowstone.
Southern California...Which would require a whole Disneyland theme. And that is something that we are planning for next year. Too pricey for this year.
The Alamo...My suggestion. Which is way too long a drive. We don't want to fly.

So I am asking for suggestions. From you, my dear friends. If you could choose somewhere, in a good driving distance, relatively inexpensive, fun, fun and exciting, where would you go?

A few years ago we made a play for Albuquerque New Mexico. We'd never been so we looked at what could be done there and made plans. It was such a fun trip. The kids still talk about it. We saw museums and drove around, sometimes because we were lost and sometimes just to see Albuquerque. Fun.

That's what we're going for this year. Somewhere we've never been. Somewhere we can just go to and find fun things to see and do.

And we're not opposed to camping. But there would need to be shower facilities. Like KOA. Which we did a whole vacay with 2 years ago. It was fun. But the one by Yellowstone doesn't have showers. Sheesh.

Any thoughts? Any ideas? Any Bottles? Any bones? (I don't know what that means. My dad just always said that when asking questions) Please suggest any fun cities!


Jen said...

Hmmmmmm. Glacier National Park? Never been there, but I hear it's awesome!

Kates said...

We are going to Yellowstone (staying in a cabin) and to CA (temple tour) this year. I'm with Jen, I like the idea of Glacier National Park. Remember we went there years ago on our way up to Canada? (You may not have been with us; mission? living with Meme?) Beautiful! The only problem is that part of it is in Canada and you have to have a passport now to cross the border. That's why we ruled that one out!

I also would recommend Yosemite. Remember our day trips there as kids? We are stopping there for a day on our CA temple tour in April. Can't wait!

Kim said...

Denver is really really fun. We lived there for several years before we moved to Utah. You could camp here and go into Denver for the Aquarium, children's museum, they have Six Flags there, and tons of other things to do. The zoo and the Museum of Natural History there are amazing. You could also visit the nearby Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Or you could go up to Breckenridge to the Summer fun park