Monday, April 4, 2011

A Bit Of This N That.

This is the original picture I wanted for today's post. It would have been titled "Make A Meal Monday". But when I pulled up my pictures I found a plethera of pictures that little people have been taking. They must be excited about the baby goat. Or something.
So here is a taste of the original post...

Chicken Tacos And all I'm gonna say about those is to go to Pioneer Woman and read her post and make them and then you know you can go ahead and die! Yum!

And here is where I'll share some of what was on my camera.

Can you even stand it?!?!? His name is Vegeta. And if you aren't familiar with Dragon Ball Z Kai, well, I just don't know how to explain it.

He likes to climb on the old lawn mower and play. Daniel is putting up the back fence so we can send the goats back and not live in the land of poo anymore. This is one of the helpers.

Oh my. My oh my. Can you just die?!
These are cheeky monkey's land of poo shoes. Lovely.
One of the fence post holes. There were quite a few.
The cross bar for the fence. The gate goes right next to it.
Blackjack and Cass running amuck.
Vegeta finds some quiet nap time under the slide. Then the kids find him and he's up and running again. On Saturday night he was missing for hours. When it started to rain, Isaac got worried and got Oreo to start calling for him. She just went right to where he was finally getting a good nap. Out in the tall grass. Under a sled.
Hi dad! Out talking to the back neighbor who lent him cool tools to dig the post holes.
The photographer herself!
Playful Vegeta. He proves that kids of any species think mom is a jungle gym. Where do they get that??
And a final close up.

Those pictures are just a small portion of the many many pictures of Vegeta, Oreo, holes in the ground, my cuties, feet, hats, Blackjack, Cassidy, dad, the back of the house and other such things.

If you'd like to come see him, let me know.

Rain is in the forecast this week, but he should stay small and cute for a few more!


Kim said...

We love seeing the new kid! How cute Jessica wants to come over right when we get home! How fun for the whole family to have cute Vegeta finally here!

Kim said...

Thanks for all your love and support!

Kim said...

HAhah! I love that they took such cute pics! I need to come see your baby goat!! I'll call soon.

Oh - and you had me at Pioneer Woman. YUM!

Single Women Adopting Children said...

the baby goat is adorable! Love the photos of you all!