Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Early Easter And The Last Week Of Jesus' Life.

Every Easter my mom (Abbie) does an egg hunt. This year my grandma is turning 98 for Easter, so we did the egg hunt a week early. All our cousins were there. Our group grows every year!
After all the eggs, but one, are found, the kids gather at the top of the hill to run down. There is always, without fail, one child who cannot find one of their eggs. One cute kid waiting to run down the hill.

Two more cute kids ready to run!

Last year we began the tradition of reading and learning about the last week of Jesus' life before He was resurrected. The kids loved it last year so we dove right in this year.
Sunday was Palm Sunday. We talked about Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. We also waved these palm leaves and talked about the significance of waving white hankerchiefs at a temple dedication. Monday we talked about the Cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem. I am always so impressed that my kids remember the story. I shared that story in Primary a few times to talk about what is appropriate behavior in the temple, or in our case, the church building, and what is not. These are coins my mom and dad brought back from Jerusalem.

Tonight we will talk about the first and great commandment. Love the Lord Thy God. And the second is like unto it, Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself. We made this last year on Tuesday night.

I got some new rope for the wick in the oil lamp. We'll use that for tomorrow night's lesson. The Wednesday before Easter is always a fun night! And I love this week at our house!


Jen said...

You are so awesome! Darnit, if only I had sharing time this Sunday! This would make a great sharing time :)

Kim said...

Your family is so great. I love the Easter pics.