Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funnies For Thursday.

On Sunday night we were driving home from Aunt Deanna's house, when out of nowhere, Daniel says, "Can your el-bow?" And that started something. And it continues today. It's getting sillier and doesn't make much sense anymore, but here are a few of the best.
Can your knee cap?

Can your eye lid?

Can your belly button?

Can your eye lash?

Can your butt crack?

Can your hair dye?

Can your ear lobe?

Can your toe nail?

And here are some non-bodily ones...

Can your side walk?

Can your car pool?

Can your light bulb?

Can your jack et?

Can your cher ry?

Can your apple core?

Can your sun shine?

Can your car wash?

Can your book mark?

Can your phone call?

Can your cell phone?

Can your pillow pet?

Can your zip per?

Can your car pet?

Have a fun day!


Daniel said...

Hey, what can I say. It got the kids to stop fighting, briefly anyway. :)

Kim said...

Your family is so awesome!! I love your list of funnies! Good job Daniel!

Marmee said...

Jennie, I just found your Christmas card from last year or the year before, I can't tell! Anyway, I'm glad to find your blog again and catch up with you! Hope things are going well! Your kids are so grown up and the goats are too cute!!

Anne Isom

P.S. Are you on FB?