Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Smokes!

I told him last night that we weren't gonna celebrate today. I was canceling and he would have to be 8 forever. He didn't like it. He said I have no choice. His birthday was coming, whether I liked it or not. So I got all the gifts wrapped and a card made and treats delivered to school and camera at the ready. I made the cake. He wanted a Godzilla cake. I'm pretending this is a Godzilla cake. Pretend with me. For some reason Sam can't pretend. But it's such good cake...He'll live.
When he got home from school I let him open one gift. Then I told him if he finished his homework quickly I'd let him open a second. All before Dad got home! The real gift opening began when Dad walked in.
Dang! I thought this was the picture of him opening his Bear Cub Scout book. He had the same excited look. Unlike Isaac, who thought a Scout book as a birthday gift was super lame!
After the gifts were unwrapped Dad said, "Let's go downstairs!" This is what Sam found. He has been riding his little sister's pink bike. But because Dad put Sam's old black and green bike seat on it, he rode it. He's set now!
And then the cake. Look at how happy he is!! Tomorrow he goes to the Bear den! I have 7 more months until I have another 8 year old. I love 8 year olds. But I think I'll like 9 year olds, too! Especially my 9 year old.
I haven't seen Sam or Isaac since the gifts were unwrapped! Why can't they just stay little forever??


Single Women Adopting Children said...

No way! He can't be that old! ugh - so grown up!

Kim said...

Ahhh! No wonder you didn't want the kids to go downstairs!! I'm tickled that he was happy with his scout book. You have the cutest kiddos!!