Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute Quips.

Last night we were on our way out of Pack meeting. Well. Let me rephrase that. My family went out to the car and I was talking in the church. They finally put a movie on because I was talking for a while. When I got to the car they were watching Nacho Libre. As we drove home, home is only 2 minutes away, they continued to watch. If you've never seen the movie, Nacho is a monk and they talk about Heavenly Father and baptism. Ruthie says...

"This is such a great movie. It's funny and it's gospel!"

Daniel and I laughed the last 30 seconds home!

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Colby and Jessica said...

Hi, Aunt Jennie! (Can I call you Aunt Jennie even though it's through marriage??)
I wasn't sure where to write a comment regarding your entire blog, so I just decided to leave one here. We got the e-mail about your publication [congrats!! your story is amazing] which had a link to your blog and I'm so glad it did because the last few days as I have been reading your stories I have been so touched and inspired by you! You are so strong, faithful, and well rooted--I hope to be more like you everyday. I'm privileged to call you family and can't wait to see you and get to know you better as time goes by. Thanks for your sweet words and testimony of all things that are true.

Love, Jessica