Monday, June 13, 2011

And There Was Rejoicing All Around.

Little Buscuit is lonely. She cries. I'm really sad when she cries. Then she escaped! But only into the yard. But still. The kids watched to see where she was getting out and blocked those places. Then she got sly. She jumped the white fence and trotted through the neighbor's yard and then jumped back through the white fence and into our yard. Silly goat. So we had to chain her up. Sniff sniff. The chain was heavy. She cried. But she stayed put. We knew we needed to get a friend. Cass won't be bred and back until September. Way too long for a little lonely goat. So we looked at a couple of options. One: Go back to where Biscuit came from and get another goat. Two: See if we could fanagle something with Unlce Lewis.


Remember this little guy?? Vegeta! He'll be coming back to us to stay this Saturday!
He's bigger than that now. He was born a week before girlfriend, here. He's already been wethered (fancy farmer speak for He Cain't Make No Babies) So Biscuit won't be breeding before her time.

The kids want to go get him tonight. Umm. It's like a 3 hour tour. A 3 hour tour. Sorry. Got swept up in Gilligan's Island memories. But really, it will take about 3 hours all said and done. Saturday morning we will rise and shine and give God the glory, glory and go get Vegeta!

Pictures will be forthcoming. And the rejoicing can be expected to last for quite some time.


Kates said...

Can't wait to see the kids, I mean the goats!

Kim said...

YEAH for getting Vegeta back!!! That is wonderful!