Thursday, June 16, 2011

What A Day.

Being a Cub Scout Den Leader is fun and has some perks. Luckily I also have a Cub Scout. He happens to be a Bear, but we still get to share some fun things together as Dens. One such thing is Day Camp!!! Yay! We spent all day Wednesday up to Day Camp and had a blast. 20 of our boys came and they all had tons of fun.

We started with BB Gun shooting and then moved to Archery. Sam is in the hold position until the other boys are done shooting their arrows.
We did some Leave No Trace training and then got to do some leather working. Sam is pounding his leather to soften it.

We then moved on to a fun nature walk. There was so much water, but the boys were great about staying away and staying safe. We had lunch and then went to the water. Sam got to help paddle his boat. Look at that determination! After the water we went to the Trading Post to do some shopping and then did a fun obstacle course.

Sam and I were exhausted when we got home, but it was worth it! This is the last Cub Day Camp we get to participate in with our boys. Next year he'll be a Webelos and go to Webelos Camp and then it's on to Boy Scouts with Isaac.

One perk about 8-11 year old girls is they get to go to Day Camp, too. Look out next year...Ruthie will be shooting BB Guns and Arrows and paddling a boat. Just like her brothers!


Kates said...

Yay for scout camp! Ours is next month. I won't be able to go but Ben will have a blast! And did you really say up "TO" day camp? Where are you from again?

Kim said...

I can't wait for Jacob to get to be a Scout. So fun!! I'm glad that you got to go with your scouts AND your scouts!