Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun!

So we made the trip up to get Vegeta. Our neighbor lent us his dog cage and we packed some snacks and left. The kiddos played with all the goats for a bit and then it was time to go. Here he is with Sam. He'd grown!
We got him up into the cage and locked him in. Have you ever been in a confined space with a goat?

Oreo didn't understand what was going on. "Whyyyyy are you taking hiiiiim?", she cried. "Don't taaaaake my baaaabbbbyyyyy..." We decided Oreo was in need of a day at the spa. We left some apples and goat feed for her.

By the time we got close to home the truck smelled. Really smelled. Bad. Stink. He had cried for a while then settled in.

He and Biscuit are friends. He is just a week older, but lots bigger. It will be interesting to see how they grow. They get along pretty well. Vegeta had bands around his horns and he was really sore. He didn't butt for a few days. Now I think he's ready for a good head butt.

Now on to other fun stuff. We got our garden in. Finally. Just too wet and cold. Now that the sun is out and it's hot stuff is growing. But so are the weeds. Rats!

We chose to get a pool this year. Nothing like going to your own backyard and swimming for a while. I went out one morning and didn't put sunscreen on because I wasn't going to be in long. I guess I was in too long. My shoulders were (are) fried. I haven't been burned like that since I went to Puerto Vallarta and fell asleep. In my swim suit. On a chair. On the beach. Very hot sun.

We spent a day at Lagoon-a-beach and then hit the rides. We are so happy with our Lagoon passes this year. They were definitely paid more than paid for in April!

We've had cousins over to play in the pool and on the tramp.

We've had a cookout on the grill.

We've planned our trip to Lava Hot Springs.

We've seen 4 of our summer movies.

We have a full calendar ahead!

Oh, and yesterday Sam took his zombie form. Here he is.

Our summer is fun. How's yours?

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