Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holy Long Time No Write Batman!

So it's like this. I haven't blogged in over a week. Does that make me a bad blogger? Um. No. I've been busy. Looky here. You'll see...

We needed new shoes. Stat. Stat means now! So we hightailed it over to the shoe store and replenished our footsies with new summer shoes. In case you can't see Sam's tennie there, it is in serious need of some duct tape to keep his toes in. Ruthie is showing off her new foot ware.

Why is it that kids can be so offended that their shoes are so worn out that we can't give them to DI?? I ask you! The last week of school was full of stuff. Kid school stuff. I already showed Isaac off in the 5th grade Wax Museum. Here is Sam in the 3rd grade reader's theater. The class offered 3 small readings. Sam was a Chicken Pig in his group's reading. He was an awesome Chicken Pig. "Cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there..." Isaac finally had enough money save to buy his very own DS. We have paydays on Saturdays for our kids. Tithing is first, missionary fund is next, then comes the fun money. They can do whatever they want with it. Isaac saved for something. Then it occurred to him...DS. Now the other kids are saving frantically for their own. Somehow it just means more when you have to work hard for it! On Thursday there was the annual Field Day. I did popcorn. I have been on the PTA popcorn committee all year. It's so fun. It was a cold day, but fun to see all the kids and pass out popcorn.

Friday was the last day of school and the beginning of the family reunion up at the Ranch.

We got all our goods out and ready to load into the truck. Then we were off! Our first stop was in St John to see...

Uncle Lewis' goats.

Hello!!! It's Oreo and Blackjack!

And Cass!

Breeding doesn't happen until August. So we'll get Cass back in September.

As we drove away Sam called out, "Goodbye Cass. Have fun getting pregnant!" And of course, Vegeta.

He butted and played and wouldn't leave the side of the truck when we were ready to leave.

He was so happy to see the kids. My kids. He's getting big and Uncle Lewis even told us that the kids trained him well. Whenever he goes to see the goats and leaves his car door open, Vegeta jumps right in. Silly goat.

There was also a llama.

We stayed away from the llama.

We also found piggies.

Such cute piggies.

We came home in the rain on Saturday night and on Monday set up a new trampoline. The old one bit the dust. It was still cold and rainy on Monday. We did grill however. Poor wet Daniel.

We are in our first week of summer vacay and just when you think the weather is awesome, it gets cold and threatens rain. We are praying for those whose lively hoods are threatened by the rain and snow runoff. We are wet, but we are safe.
And maybe I'll blog a little more....

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Kates said...

Good to see you blogging again! I can't believe school is out already. We have one more week. Then the kids don't go back until August 29th. Hooray for traditional school next year! And kudos to Isaac for saving his money for the DS. That is awesome!