Friday, June 3, 2011


When Daniel got home tonight he had the kids pull the long roots from a big nearby tree out of the ground that is our garden because the roots have been sucking the water out of our poor garden and so I got a quick picture of the pulling. And I got lonely for a goat. So I got on KSL and looked at some goats that went up yesterday right here in our neighborhood. And this is what happened. As the roots were being pulled.
I called and left a message for the gal to call me back. We knew her first name and know a family who lives nearby in which the hubby/dad is the brother to Daniel's brother's wife who has the same name as in the KSL ad. So our cousins are their cousins. When she called me back it was the right last name! Yahoo! I told her which goat we 8 week old weaned doe. She started to sigh and I immediately said, "Oh, is she gone?" And she said NO! I was hoping for a really nice family to take her and I'm so glad you want her! Here she is.

We loaded the kiddos in the car and ran over to see all the goat kids. This kid is older than the rest because the billy got in the nanny pen and, well, the 9 year old daughter told her mom when she saw him in there that he was really calm. Sooooo, she kidded out weeks before the other nannies. This little one's sister got a new home a week ago and the human mama wanted a really nice home for this one. So we got her and took her home.

She's just smaller than Vegeta was when he left us. And she got right under the gate as the kiddos walked away. So now there are bricks there to keep her in. Poor baby. She needs a friend. She's making lots of noise out there. Sorry neighbors.

The kids went through dozens of names and finally one stuck. Her name is "Biscuit". And it fits. So if you missed coming to meet Vegeta and want to come visit us, give me a call and come see Biscuit. And us. We like visitors, too.

My kids will be up early!! We are happy we have a goat again. She is a cute kid!

And if you look closely you can see her Lady GaGa lashes! Could you just die?!


Kates said...

We'll definitely have to come visit the new goat! My kids made a list of all the things they want to do this summer and visiting cousins was one of them. They'll be excited to see the goat too!

Jen said...

Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of the goat's eyelashes? She sure is cute, though!

Kim said...

YAY! Jacob was so sad to hear that your goats were gone and he'll be so excited that you have a new baby!! Biscuit is so cute!

Her eyelashes are DARLING!!