Saturday, June 25, 2011

Himnos En Espanol.

I used to speak Spanish extremely well. In fact, I often would be asked what part of Mexico I was from. I could speak fast and roll my r's and actually be understood. I even used fancy verb tenses.

I don't speak Spanish anymore.

Okay. I have tried. I go slow. My r's are still fantastic. My verb tenses? Well, I could use more practice.

I got my Spanish Hymn book out a few weeks ago. My kiddos were intrigued. So I began singing Spanish Hymns to them every night while they're in bed. Usually Daniel sings Hymns in English before he reads to them.
The other night Sam was having a really hard time falling asleep. He finally asked if I would sing to him. I asked him what he wanted me to sing. Spanish Hymns.

So I did.

When I sing the Hymns in Spanish, I almost feel like a missionary again. I recognize all the words and phrases that we would use to teach the gospel. Singing Spanish Hymns to my kids is one of my favorite things. And a great source of Joy.


Kates said...

Mi himno favorito en espanol es Llamados a Servir. Realmente me siento como misionero de nuevo cada tiempo que oirlo. Wow! I am surprised I can still write Spanish! It's like riding a bicycle. Sort of. Now, get your Spanish scriptures out and read those to your kids!

Jen said...

Uh, uno, dos, tres.... I took a little spanish in highschool and that is about all that I can remember! I know Steve misses being able to speak Korean fluently. He was like you! Many Koreans would mistaken him for a Korean (over the phone, of course) and would compliment him! I have to admit, when we were first dating it totally impressed me and made me feel all tingly inside! Maybe I'll have to get his Korean scriptures out...

Oh and by the way, Isaac did wonderful in Primary today!