Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Bit Of Boasting.

I was going to boast about how few flies have been in my house and how I really only had one so far. We are so good about closing doors and no flies get in my house. I'm so lucky. No flies. Wa wa wa.

But last night I killed several. Then Daniel killed a couple. Now there are like 2 more that I could see as soon as I walked in the house this morning. And there's a fly in my car. Nasty thing.

So I was trying to think of something else to boast about. Hmmmm...

My house is almost clean. But not completely. So can't boast yet.

I get to put my feet up and relax. So not true. So much yet to do so no boasting.

I have crossed so many things off my To Do list it's insane. But there is still more...

I got a great night's sleep. Umm. For 3 mornings I have woken up before 6 am and can't get back to sleep and then I have to get up anyway because I have had to be to a doctor appointment or the school for the Book Fair or other such nonsense, ahem, stuff.

Here's one...Soon my house will be clean! My To Do list will be done. I will be able to sit and relax. In the car. And then we will be in Disneyland.

Ahh. Feels good to boast.


Jen said...

I think the stupid flies are making a final round of being annoying before they all freeze and die! I hate them!

I am jealous of your "bit of boasting"! Conner has kept me up for 2 nights in a row and I seem to be moving in slow motion. I will definitely be boasting after church on Sunday. Ug.

Have fun in Disneyland!

Kim said...

Oh how I loathe those stinking flies! That's pretty incredible that you haven't had many this year. Yeah for a clean house!! So excited that you're going to Disneyland!! It's wonderful.