Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Is A Special Day.

Today was the day. But first...we began with Laps For Lyndsay. Yay!!

When we got home Daniel said that next week is the deadline for Sam and Ruth to have their money ready to buy their DS systems for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. So they got right to work on today's jobs and then had a payday. They each had to raise $110 for the system and a game. And they reached their goal.
So off they went. Ruthie came home with a pink DS. Yay.

Sam came home with a silver DS with a "Guitar Hero" sticker on it. Cool.

Isaac got his previously purchased DS and they all sat, well, they are all sitting on the couches and playing. Daniel and I are anticipating a very quiet journey out to California.


Kates said...

You are in for a blissful drive! Our kids only watched one DVD on our entire trip to CA in April because their DS's kept them busy!

Kim said...

I love that they earned the money for their DS's. I'm sure they will appreciate them so much more this way. I loved doing jobs from my mom's job chart to earn money. Good kid-raising Jennie!