Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's My Trigger Finger.

Remember that crashed bottle of tomato juice? Um. I dropped it. I thought it was arthritis. I finally went to see a doctor because I can't bend my right thumb smaller joint. The pain is intense in my big thumb joint. I keep dropping things. I just chalked it up to arthritis cause it was easy to do. But guess what? It's my tendon. And it's called Trigger Finger. Isn't that fun?!
So I get to go in to the hand surgeon that did my carpal tunnel release surgeries. He'll inject steroids into it and hope that does the trick. Because we leave for Disneyland soon after! And no, my thumb is not swollen. I took a bad picture with my left hand. Which is my dumb hand. Okay?!


crafty said...

My 2 year old niece just had this surgery done. Yuck! Let me know if a neighbor can do anything for you! Why do they call it a trigger finger anyway, I really don't think it whould help anyone shoot any better!?

Kates said...

At least you had it checked out! I would have waited forever expecting it to just go away. Go girl! And may your trigger happy finger be all good for Disneyland!

Kim said...

My left hand is my dumb hand too. That's craziness! I hope that the steroids help!!