Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Heat Is On.

It's finally here. That official Fall weather. This is my most favorite time. This morning I opened the windows, as I usually do, when I got up. Usually it just causes a small breeze and the heat eventually gets to me and I turn the AC on. But today? Well today was special. When I opened the windows it chilled the house. We are no longer holding at 72 degrees as the house low temperature. We're down to 70. I eventually closed the windows and then just opened one back up. I love the sound and smell of rain. I love how quickly things cool down. I loved turning on the heat in the car after Cub Scouts today. I am looking forward to the sound, smell and feel of the house heat coming on for the first time. Tonight? Not sure yet.

A steady 70 degrees is fine with me.

Is your house heat on yet?


Marmee said...

Our heat has been on since Sept. 15th... but only because the government turns it on and we have no control over it! Unfortunately for us, it makes the house too hot and until recently we could open the windows to cool things off... but now the coal fires have started up in the Gers around town and the breezes aren't carrying the coal smoke from the power plant out of town and so it has been too polluted to open the windows. Hopefully, in a few weeks, it'll cool down enough that the temp evens out and we won't be too hot inside! ;o) I miss fall in the States! Everyone is talking about it and I think I'll buy another pumpkin at the market today so that we can at least get the house smelling like fall!

Kates said...

no heat on here yet. My house temperature is at a perfect 67 degrees. My bedroom gets down to about 60 each night, perfect sleeping temperature! Love it! So excited for fall. We're getting snow here today (it's not sticking though). The kids were so excited when they saw the snow falling this morning.

Kim said...

We finally turned the heat on a couple of days ago - as it was snowing on the mountains a couple of miles away from us. This is my favorite time of year also. Love love love it. Love sweaters and hot cocoa and my mother's wassail. Happy days!!