Monday, July 29, 2013

A Day In The Life.. On Vacation!

This will be a multitasking blog post.  Why??  Because I'm busy.  And we just got back from a trip.  And I forgot to post last week.  And I just have to do it this way.  It will make me happy.  And I'm hot.  So happy is good!
So let's go back 2 weeks for a day in the life.  I'll go day to day for these last two weeks and share our vacation trip along the way.  Plus I don't have pictures for the first of the two weeks.  I didn't take pictures.  I was busy.
Monday...  So this was a Monday when we went to the local pool.  The kids swam and I read a book.  It was lovely.  Below is a picture in Lava Hot Springs.  That's where we spent last week. 
The boys.
Tuesday... This Tuesday was stormy.  I went to do missionary visits and then it began to rain.  The plan was to go to the drive in, but it rained and rained.  So we didn't go to the drive in.  The picture below is to prove that I, Jennie, wore swim gear and even went in the water.
The girls.
Wednesday...  This paricular Wednesday I went into the dentist.  I have had a molar hurting like crazy cakes and thought for sure that if I didn't go in that I would bite down on something hard and break my tooth and we would be up in Idaho. So I went in.  Nothing.  That was the verdict.  There is just no explanation for the pain.  There's no swelling, no infection, nada.  So he gave me a script for an antibiotic.  Just in case.  I should fill it and take it and see if it helps. 
We also had the missionaries and our neighbors over for dinner.  Lots of fun!
  This is a picture of the kids in the tent watching the laptop.  Ruthie is telling her brothers to shut up.  They are giggling and hiding from the camera.  Sheesh.
Thursday...  This is the day I took the hoodlums, I mean my wonderful children, to the Leonardo.  Fun museum for sure!  Go!  You'll love it.
This is my husband.  Striking a pose.
Friday...  Ruthie and I went to get our hair cut.  Always a good thing.  Daniel and I went to the temple on a date.  Good stuff.
This is supposed to show my eye that was bright red and just all around bugged.  I went through 5 contacts from Monday to Friday in my right eye alone.  I wore my glasses most of the time.  I don't know what was going on with the eye, but I'm all clear now.
Saturday... We got up early and headed to the cemetary to help a boy in our ward with this Eagle project.  We cleaned up headstones-trimming and edging and sweeping, then recorded names and took pictures.  All the information goes to be recorded as family history records.  It was so much fun.  All our family was able to be there to help.  Thanks Nate!
We had a family reunion with my mom's family.  It was fun to catch up with my aunts and uncles.  We played games and ate good food.
Here are the kids and Daniel watching the laptop.  See the fence behind them?  We were in a spot with a fence around it. It was so peaceful to not have neighbors right next to us. 
Sunday... Went to church and then packed for the trip.  Finally... The trip!
Sam, in the car.
Monday...  Took off for Lava after Daniel had a dentist appointment.  This was just a 6 month cleaning. We spent the rest of our afternoon setting up camp and walkiing into town to sight see a little.  Here are Daniel, Isaac and Ruthie on the river.
Tuesday... The plan was to hit the river and then head to the Olympic pools.  Instead we packed a lunch and treats and just went to the pool.  The first two pictures are all of us at the pool.  We spent most of the day there playing.  This is Daniel, Ruthie and me on the river.  Sam went down and then got in the car.  He had had an allergic reaction to the chlorine on Tuesday and didn't want to go back on the raft.
Wednesday...  We spent a couple hours on the river.  It was low so we bumped our bums on lots of rocks.  Here's our site.
Thursday... Time to pack up for home.  Sam in the tent while packing up. After getting home we decided that we were still on vacation.  So we packed up quilts and treats and really went to the drive in.  We watched Turbo and Monsters University.  We didn't get home unitl 1 am. 
Friday... Sleep in, laundry and grocery shopping.  Daniel went to work.  I made dinner for a gal in our ward who is having contractions but so not close enough to her due date. 
Saturday... Lazy day.  Yard work, house work, more laundry.  Daniel had put the pool up and found holes.  He tried patching, but to no avail.  So the kids slashed it with a razor and shot at it with a BB gun.  Daniel finally took it down and threw it away.  I spoke at a baptism for a woman in our ward.  It was so fun to be a part of it.  I love convert baptisms.
Sunday... Meetings, church, choir practice, home teachers, home teaching and family get together.  We went to my brother's house and hung out with cousins for a while.  Time to get back to the normals of life. 
Here are the kids at the drive in Thursday night.
Have a fun week!

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