Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day In The Life.

I know. 
We've been busy. 
At least I have now gotten to another week of a day in the life of the busy family with the mom who hasn't had time to sit and blog.  For days.  So here it is....
Monday...  Isaac and Daniel left for Scout Camp.  Can you tell he's excited?!  He is thinking "I am so glad I get to go to Scout Camp and learn new and exciting things.  My mom and dad love me so much and I appreciate everything they do for me".  Actually, out loud, he said "I hate this.  I don't want to go.  It's too early and it's just gonna be stupid up there." I don't care. Go.  He went.  Meanwhile, back  at the homestead, I took the remaining children to see Epic.  We liked it. 
Tuesday...  Sam watched his cousin up at the Ranch make Ramen in the microwave.  Awesome.  He just puts the noodles and some water in a bowl and nukes it for 3 minutes.  Then he adds the season packet.  Yum.  The kiddos and I went to Lowe's and purchased curtains for the downstairs windows.  I hemmed them and put them up.  They still need a liner.
Wednesday...  Sam had his friend Colton come play, then they went to Scouts together.  We ordered pizza too.  I went to get my eye brows done.  Yes, addicted.  Sam mentioned at some point during the week that we should try to make Oreo McFlurries like McDonald's does.  So I got the vanilla ice cream, put it in the mixer, got it all nice and creamy.  Then I added Oreos and mixed them in.  The kids thought it was yummy. 
Thursday...  Okay, now to Scout Camp.  Daniel took some pictures, so I'll share with those.  Isaac took the Rifle shooting merit badge class.  It was a tough one.  But Isaac had so much fun!! Really. 
Friday...  On Monday, all the boys needed to take the BSA swim test to be able to go into the water at all.  Isaac had already told us not to pack his shorts.  He wasn't going in.  After passing the swim check in the fr-ee-eee-zing cold water he wrote me a very nice letter, in calligraphy, which he sent to me by carrier pigeon, telling me how lucky he was to have a mom who packed his swim shorts and a towel despite his hesitancy.  He could never show me how appreciative he was of my extraordinary parenting skills.  Then he never went in the water again.
Saturday...  This is the day they came home from camp.  But during the week, this is Isaac with some of the boys.  I don't know what they're doing.  Or if something stinks. 
GetAttachment[4] (3)
Sunday...  We all went to hear our cousin Jilynne speak in her ward.  She just got home from her mission.  Then we hightailed it out to Jessica's (another cousin) talk.  She is leaving soon for her mission.  I love cousin sister missionaries.  Ruthie is excited to follow their examples.  Isaac also took an Art merit badge class (along with First Aid, Environmental Science, Leather work, Basket Weaving and Rifle Shooting) He loves to draw and so this was an easy one.  Though he would never say it out loud again, he was heard saying that he had fun.  He may have even used the word awesome.  One of the leaders did all the cooking and the food was a highlight of the trip.  Although shooting a rifle is pretty high up there.
So there you have it.  A busy week at our house.  This week is just as busy, except everyone is home, so I think it's just more busy.  This week we are down to 5 weeks until school starts.  Yikes!
Have a terrific day.

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