Monday, July 29, 2013

Have I Told You About?

Here's a new type of post I'm gonna try.  I started telling my kids about my childhood experiences and start with "Have I told you about...?" Then I share.  It's been fun.  So I'm going to record those stories here.
Have I told you about when I was in elementary school and there was a Chinese Store around the corner that my sister and I would go to?  Well, there was a Chinese store.  I don't know if it actually had a real name.  They had strange and fun candy for kids like us.  So we would save our allowance and stop by after school to buy something yummy.  We weren't allowed to buy the candy cigarettes or cigars.  But the wax lips, juice filled wax coke bottles and other such novelties were awesome!  
They had these cinnamon toothpicks that I'd buy.  I would suck on the toothpick and enjoy the cinnamon flavor until it was a mushy mess.  Yum.
In Lava, Ruthie found these hotstix on a store counter.  I was so excited to see the cinnamon toothpicks!!  I bought them and have chewed on two of them so far. 
I have to admit.. they have lost their allure. 
But the memories will last forever!
I do believe my parents  told us we couldn't go to the Chinese store anymore.  I don't remember why, but I'm sure it wasn't due to drug busts or nearby shootings.  But when I picture this little store on the street around the corner from elementary school, I don't doubt my parents were worried.

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Laurie said...

I remember that store! I remember buying small packages of Now-n-Laters there.