Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Can you believe it?  This is like a miracle happening right here before your very eyes.  Another Day In The Life post.  I must be awesome!
Monday... This poor bench has been on my front porch for years.  It faded and broke.  But we never seemed to get rid of it.  As I cleaned a couple of laundry room shelves I came upon the red spray paint I used in the first place.  So I sprayed it! Yay me.
Ruthie was invited by a neighbor girl to come to a soccer camp.  She got to go Monday through Wednesday for a couple of hours.  Fun!
Tuesday... Marsha came over to do eyebrows.  Lovely.  She just participated in the Mrs Utah pageant last weekend, so I figure she's famous.  The kids did another Dollar Store Mystery Game and colored the hats Ruthie picked with the highlighters she picked along with some other markers.  This is Sam's hat.
Wednesday...  My washer came early!!  YAY!  We didn't get it installed until late at night, but I did start one load!  Oh My Clean!.  We went to a summer movie to sit in a cool theater and have popcorn and soda.
Thursday... Laundry day.  I did laundry in that beauty all day.  And I would have done more if only there was more dirty laundry.  I love it!  Sam's Dollar Store Mystery Game item was this growing thing.  I don't know if it's a zombie or an alien.  I think it reached it's growth potential.  So now it sits on the counter.  Ruthie had her last art class.  We're hot!
Friday...  This year the Activity Day girls went on a Girl's Day Out.  They took FrontRunner to Salt Lake and went to Temple Square for a tour, then had lunch, then went on a tour of the Family History Museum.  She had so much fun! It was gonna be over 100 degrees in SL, so I opted to stay in the cool air conditioned home I own.  Daniel and I went to the Logan temple for ward temple night.  Always a wonderful date!
Saturday...  More laundry, can you believe it?  But I was so excited to do it.  We cleaned and caught up on stuff around the house.  I finally got Sam's Cub Scout awards framed.  He's excited to have his own Cub Scout frame!
Sunday...  Church, where I gave an awesome talk.  Grandma and grandpa came for dinner and played Sorry! with us.  Sam grabbed these bananas and put them on his head and said "Banana Horns".  We thought it was funny!
Hope you had a fun week!

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