Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greatest Museum. Ever!

This last Thursday the kids and I took the opportunity to go see 101 Inventions That Changed The World at The Leonardo in Salt Lake.  My kids had wanted to go see the Mummy deal, but we never got to it.  So I made it a point to go see this.
We were all completely amazed and loved loved loved it.  The 101 Inventions deal was awesome.  I sat and watched the whole thing, Isaac was with me for most of it and the other two kids ended up in the Lego room building about half way through.  After watching and looking and playing, we were ready to walk out of the exhibit and found these screens.  They had games and puzzles.  So we stayed for some puzzling.
After leaving the exhibit we went to see what else the museum had to offer. 
We found this little room.  You go in, put your arms out and the skeleton mimics your moves.  Here's Isaac...
And Sam, saying hi...
And Ruthie, dancing...
We then moved on to another area with this green screen.  Why are they being so crazy?
They're on the TV screen driving a car.
Isaac loved this.  Doesn't he look chipper?!
Right across from that were these dealios where you do stop motion filming.  Ruthie set up a few different scenes and took the pictures to make a quick movie.
Sam used the dragon and a mummy for his movie.
Isaac went to the little living room with the action figures and made a cool movie.
Then we went to the Tinker Counter where Isaac worked with all this electricity stuff.
Ruthie and Sam made marshmallos shooters.
If you have an afternoon, go here!  Just the museum itself held us for hours.  The 101 Inventions exhibit was crazy great! Plan on spending lots of time!
When gunpowder came up as an invention, there was this quote, which I loved...
"We owe to the Middle Ages the two worst inventions of humanity- romantic love and gunpowder." Andre Maurois, novelist and writer.

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