Monday, July 8, 2013

A Day In The Life.

Monday...  We made all these slushy syrups so we could have icy treats.  Yum.  We also went to grandma and grandpa's house.
Tuesday...  Remember the bench I repainted?  I put these fun cushions on it.  Now you can't see the hole in it!  Hah! We went to see a summer movie and worked with the goats.  I had an appointment with my diabetes gal.  Everything is good and she's retiring.  Bummer.  P.S. Don't sit on the right side of the bench.  You'll fall right through!
Wednesday...  Look! I have white pants.  Can you believe it? And now I have proof.  I just think white is a horrendous color for a mom to wear.  I guess I'm horrendous. 
Thursday...  Up to the Ranch and then Malad for fireworks.  We had a fun day with grandma and grandpa and a couple of cousins who went up too.
Friday...  Isaac is doing an art merit badge at scout camp this week and a prerequisite was to go to an art gallery.  So we headed to Kaysville to see the Leconte Stewart art exhibit at the library.  The artist gave Daniel's parents an original sketch.. he lived in their neighborhood, so it's cool to go see the real thing that's well known and stuff.
Saturday...  Daniel's birthday!!  Yay.  Our cousin Olivia was baptized in the morning and then we went to hang out at her house with all our cousins.  We saw Ephriam's Rescue at the cheap theater.  Good movie.  Uncle Clark is in it but we didn't see him.  We had a birthday dinner at Burrito Grande, then had some cake.
Sunday...  Why, church of course.  We got to have all of Daniel's family over for dinner and stuff.  We were setting up for outside, but the weather turned.  Wind and then rain.  So all forty something of us were in the house.  But it was still fun.  Sam got all of his Godzilla movies, figures and poster lined up for a picture.  "This is all the Godzilla stuff I've collected over my lifetime!"
Onto a new week.  Hope your summer is awesome!

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