Friday, September 3, 2010

Choosing Flowers.

Choosing Flowers shouldn't be this hard. As I have looked at countless numbers of flower arrangments to send to Lyndsay's family, I have found finding the right ones difficult. She is such an amazing girl. She is strong and she is a princess. A fairy even. And her favorite colors are purple and pink. And yet purple and pink flowers, though easy to find, are hard to match to Lyndsay. She has her own flowers on the front porch of her home. You can't match that!

I finally decided on an arrangement. I know flowers die. I remember taking plants and flowers from my brother's funeral and putting them in my home. When the last one died, I cried. It felt like Aaron had died all over again. The arrangement isn't going to be breathtaking. It won't be the center of talk and awe. It will barely get noticed. But I will see it. And I will know her favorite colors are in it. And I will know that Ruthie was a big factor in picking it.

And as I read Lyndsay's obituary tonight, I cried and I remembered that it isn't the flowers that matter. It's the experiences. It's the memories. It's the way she touched our lives and is now touching so many more.

We love you Lyndsay. We hope you do notice the flowers. But more importantly...we hope you know how much we love you!

(P.S. I am crying as I type this. If it doesn't make sense, just chalk it up to not being able to see well!)


Crissy said...

Makes perfect sense to me. Probably cause I am crying too! {HUGS}
I am sure they look beautiful! You are so thoughtful.

Kim said...

I'm crying too. I'm glad that you and your family got to know her and I'm sure she will notice your thoughtfulness. When my cousin died my aunt said that she liked the living plants that were given to her too.