Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This N That.

He hopped out of the shower to see what his head looked like with shampoo on it. Then he carved his initials. Strange child.
And he did invite me in to see...so I took the picture.
He was grateful it was just a head shot!
My allergies ate creating havoc! Seriously.
My nose itches and I look like I'm always pickin it. I'm not. Just itchin!
The recent fires in a location where we would be living but chose to stay here have caused us to revisit our 72 hour kits. Or, um, lack thereof.
There is 1 thing I blame it on...
And disinterest.
I know that's 2, but they just go together to make one.
Trust me.
We just recently had a 5th Sunday meeting to discuss preparedness and stuff.
The lady in our ward who is the specialist for that has a nice 72 hour kit.
Her trailor.
It's got everything in it to keep their family going for at least 72 hours.
I am going to have Daniel redo the laundry room so we can store our stuff in there.
And I am in the process of putting it all together.
And, for my own delight and pleasure...
The Tomato Sandwich!
I'm gonna go make one now.

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Kim said...

Oh end of Summer tomato sandwiches are the best!! YUM!