Friday, September 17, 2010

Flashback Friday.

Look at this picture.
Just for a minute...

Now! We just recently went to pick up a Victrola from Daniel's parents. It was made in 1918. Daniel fixed some stuff in it so he gets it. There is still a gear that doesn't work. If you happen to have a Victrola hanging around with a gear that works, let me know.
Along with the Victrola came tons of old records. Vinyl. Remember?? No?! When were you born??
Oh the sound of vinyl records playing...
My kids just didn't get it. "Those would NOT fit in our DVD player!" Nope.
So now scroll back up to the top.....And then come back!
Shaun Cassidy.
Met her on a Monday and my heart stood still.
Do you remember him?
Somebody told me that her name was Jill.
All this vinyl record stuff brought back a memory.
I knew what she was thinkin when she caught my eye.
A memory that brought tears to my eyes.
She looked so fine I thought my oh my.
I had Shaun's DaDoRonRon record.
Picked her up at seven and she looked so fine.
I played it on my very own record player.
Some day soon I'm gonna make her mine.
Oh Shaun, I wanted to marry you!! Please call me!
One day I set my beautiful Shaun Cassidy-my dream boat-DaDoRonRon record out in the sun.
On the little brick wall.
I left.
When I came back the vinyl had melted.
Shaunny Shaun Shaun had melted into the shape of a large vinyl taco.
Shaun...I miss you.....
And when I walked her home. Da Do Ron Ron Ron Da Do Ron Ron......


Kim said...

I loved Shaun Cassidy! Thanks for the pitter patter of my heart when I saw this picture!!! Can't remember his song very well but, boy did I remember his face. I had a big crush on him then his side kick Parker Stephens after that!!!HA! HA! I am feeling very old about now!

Kim said...

My sister and I loved him too!! I still have records. I refuse to get rid of them even though my record player has needed a new needle for about 5 years. I'm sorry about your sweeeet record!!

p.s. I went into Radio Shack about 7 years ago and asked if they had any record player needles and the kid working there didn't have any idea what I was talking about. SAD!

Kates said...

Oh, my heart still beats a little faster when I see a picture of Shaun Cassidy! And I remember listening to that over and over again. For some reason it reminds me of the back bedroom at grandma's house. Did we listen to it back there?