Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Madness.

Two mornings in a row now. The silly goat on top of the calf shed. She makes us laugh. And laughing is better than crying!!
Today marks 4 years since China filed our paperwork for another baby.
It stinks!
But laughing is better than crying!
4 years and 9 months of knowing another child should be here.
And having empty arms.
But I have to remind myself.
Laughing should be better than crying.
My kids are awesome.
Sam had his little guy here lift a cucumber. So very strong!
Little every day reminders that my family is by far the best family in the world.
And I'm strongly reminded that laughing is way better than crying!
Today was the deadline for showing proof of fixing or selling or whatever with our van. Cause I got a ticket. So I called the police dept and talked to a clerk. Shouldn't they be nicer while dealing with people? I told her all the proof I have is pictures. I haven't gotten the check yet from the insurance. I don't have proof of towing. Except pictures.
She told me I could have until the 30th. Then she hung up on me.
I almost cried.
Then I remembered my incredible family.
Then I remembered the silly goat on the calf shed.
And Daniel said, "What do you expect from a government worker?"
And I laughed.
Because laughing is better than crying.


Kristi said...


Kates said...

She hung up on you? I would be calling right back and demanding her supervisor. Government worker or not, there is no excuse for that!

Kim said...

How RUDE of her to hang up on you!! That goat is hilarious. Yes, laughing IS better than crying. Hang in there Momma!!