Saturday, September 18, 2010


Mmmm. A sweet treat.
I grabbed one.
The wrapping was pulled taught.
I popped it open.
I pulled the sweet treat out and popped it in my mouth.
It was fermenting!
I spit it out fast and grabbed this one.
It was much better!
On another sweet note...
Primay Program Practice.
And I wasn't in charge.
I answered just a couple of questions.
I sat back and enjoyed as the kids ran through their parts and sang the songs.


Kim said...

OH! Fermented treats are just wrong!! I always wonder how they can possibly get that bad in my house when I eat so many of them. Glad you found something else to wash your mouth out with.

Jen said...

Ick. Nothing like expecting something sweet then it turns out to be nothing like you expected!

And can I just tell you... I was totally jealous of you on Saturday. :)