Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Wanted Poster and Art Class.

Sam made this wanted poster several days ago. It's been on the hall wall ever since. So far, no one has been captured.
"Blue Choochoo Wanted. Call.......Now."
By Sam
Look at those angry eyes.
Ruthie was in her blue jammies when they started playing this game.
Choochoo is Ruthie. And I don't know who the 2 stick people are in front of Blue Choochoo.
Accomplices maybe? And...
A good friend of mine who happens to be in our ward started an Art Class. She invited kids 8-12 years old to take a 4 week class where they would be able to learn the basics of art. I asked if Ruthie could take the class even though she's only almost 7. Of course.
So last night Ruthie AND Sam started the Art Class.
They learned about texture.
Here is Ruthie's butterfly. With texture. And yes! Sam is taking the Art Class, too. He loved it and this is his texturized Caterpillar.
You can see where the only boy in the class for this month ran out of textured steam and just scribbled down the poor semi texturized Caterpillar.

Have a great texturized day!


Kim said...

Haha! The wanted poster in the hall is hilarious! That is neat that the kids are taking the art class.

Jen said...

I love those pictures! And I especially love those crazy eyes. That cracked me up.

Yay for art class! I bet they will have blast learning from Angela!