Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day In The Life.

First, I need to show you this. Ruthie wrote this at school. My favorite part is "Clearly, I know many thi[n]gs about goldfish." Don't argue with a girl who knows all that!
So you wanna know what's up with us? Well, now, let's see. I stopped blogging about a week and a half ago. Daniel has mentioned going back to A Day In The Life posts. I'm still thinking about it. Until I decide here's just a peek at our life minus the pictures...

Isaac had earned his Tenderfoot rank in Scouts and received it Friday night (the 9th). He is close to finishing up his Second Class and hopefully will have that and his First Class before he turns 12. Earlier that evening, though, I got that dreaded phone call from Daniel. On the side of the freeway. In a dead car. He was close enough to his folk's house so he called his dad and he towed him home. His car wouldn't start at all. So he had his nephew come out and blah blah blah. The part the sensor said was needed didn't make it start. So we had to make plans.

I took kids to the swimming pool where Isaac was taught the basics of the BSA swim check. We spent hours there. I came home to Daniel saying he'd take his car into the guy who fixed it all a few years ago. So he planned to be home the whole next week.

Daniel and I had our kids watch the footage of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. We talked about what we were each doing that morning as we learned what happened and that we sat in front of the TV all day and every day for a long time. We talked about air travel coming to a complete stop and how our trip to China to get Ruthie a couple of years later would call for long lines and pat downs. I cried as we watched the Towers fall. I cried and my kids were glued to the TV as we watched the Ground Zero Memorial go from a plan on paper to a reality. We talked about going to New York one day so we can see that Memorial together. It was a somber day. Yet how blessed we are to live in a country with liberty and the protecting arm of the Lord.

Okay. I am not an official PTA member, but I support and sign up and help whenever I can. And I enjoy it. Monday night was the school carnival. And it was planned to be the one big money making function of the year. For the record...I HATE FUNDRAISERS! I hate the fact that they tell the kids in a big assembly that they HAVE to sell as much cookie dough/wrapping paper/candy bars as they possibly can just so they can go on a field trip. So the carnival was a winner in my mind. Never would the school make an easy $50 off me in any other venue. It was fun. I got to run one of the games and I love that many of the kids know me. And that many will actually call me "SISTER so and so" at school.

Oh, Daniel's car was being worked on. Friends came over to play after school. I made dinner for a family who just had a new baby. Cute baby! I went to a Relief Society thing. We made cute little books. Book of Mormon, Prophets and Joseph Smith along with Church History. There was an ABC one, but I didn't do it.

Piano lessons. Cub Scouts. Scouts. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I went to the Logan temple with Mandy, Alison and Judy. I'd never been to the Logan temple. It was beautiful and small. There was a large bus of people from Malad there, too. Crowded. Now that school is back in, Temple Thursday is back! Wanna come, just let us know.

My official post on the PTA is popcorn committee. I love going and doing the popcorn. I don't know why. They say it's the toughest spot to fill. Once a month and I get a little popcorn out of it. Daniel's car was fixed. He should get another several years out of it. We headed up to the Ranch to spend the night. We stayed up late and watched 17 Miracles. Seriously. You need to see it.

It had rained all night long at the Ranch. We were up all night long at the Ranch. So Saturday was a cranky day. We got to visit Cassidy (the goat) on our way home. She's getting fat. The Billy gets to go in at the end of the month. So we hope to have Cass back and pregnant in October. Then new kids in April or May.

Oops. We slept in. We were a little late for church. We did hear the Sacrament meeting talks though. They were wonderful. Grandma and Grandpa came for dinner and stayed to visit for a while. We love having them come over.

And today I have my house all to myself. Kids are at school. Daniel is at work. Laundry is getting done. Survivor has been watched. Diet pepper is being consumed. And now my blog has been updated.

Maybe I will go back to A Day In The Life. It means I need to take pictures for each day. It's not a bad thing, I suppose. I just have to do it. See ya.

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Laurie said...

wow, that makes me tired. I love Ruthie's paper about goldfish. Clearly, she DOES know a lot about them. She's so cute!