Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From The Drat Files.

I can't see my eyebrows to pluck them. And I never think to ask my sister in law to also do my eyebrows when I go get my hair done. And the hair is still frumpless, thank you very much! So I sometimes, sometimes, take the little clippers that I use to clean up the boys' necks to just go down the middle of my eyebrows and just get rid of the fluff. I'm in the process over the past several years of thinning my brows. Not by choice, mind you. They just do it on their own. So this morning I took those clippers and went down the middle there and then moved my hand, with the clippers going, and got my eyelashes. If you look just above my pupil there in the eye on your left, you will see a very faint red mark just above my lash line and then NO LASHES right under it! I have a bald spot on my lash line.

I really hope they grow back.

And is it just me, or does my nose look really big?

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Kim said...

Your nose is NOT big, it's cute and little, just like you. And furthermore, that stinks that you cut off your eyelashes!!! Stinks, I tell you! I hope they are growing back as I type this.